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Monstrose cultivars

& "Finger Jade's"

Common nicknames:

Scientific name:

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Plant Scientific name: Gimli

Glen M Lord 

Is credited with naming this cultivar

Year: Unknown

Rarity (1-10) 10

Gimli is a truly unique cultivar!  It is the smallest of the monstrose Jade plants and also grows in a crested manner.  It could be described as a micro crested Gollum  because the leaves grow in roughly the same shape as a Gollum Jade.    



Plant Scientific name: Gollum 

Year:  Unknown 

Rarity (1-10) 4

Gollum is the most common finger type monstrose Jade cultivar.  It has

a closed top slightly fluted leaf  that will turn somewhat red in the right conditions.  Gollum will flower white or pink depending on the clone

and its growing conditions.



Plant Scientific name: Hobbit

Year: unknown 

Rarity (1-10)  6

Hobbit is the dwarf form of the larger Horn tree and Red horn tree.  It is a slow growing cultivar with closed end leaves that resembles a "nose".  Gollum and Horn trees are often misidentified as Hobbit.



Plant Scientific name: Horrum

Place of Origin: Japan 

Rarity (1-10)  10

Horrum  appears to be a cross between a Gollum and another Crassula ovata possibly Minor or Minima.  It is truly unique with spoon, finger and normal leaves in seemingly random patterns.

Horrum is from the collection of the late Mr. Mitsuhashi of Japan.



Plant Scientific name: Denethor

Place of Origin: Massachusetts USA

Glen M Lord

Is credited with finding and naming this cultivar

Year: 2008

Rarity (1-10)  7

Denethor is a handsome, rugged, gnarly and fast growing Crassula ovata that will flower when young.  It was found  growing as a sport on a common Crassula ovata "sometime around 2008" by Glen M Lord.  In addition to Denethor's unique rugged look, it is  known for being somewhat unstable often producing tube shaped leaves, abnormal growth patterns, occasional reversions to the wild type 'Crassula ovata ' and has also recently sported variegation. 


© Benjamin Schulz

Crested Gollum

Plant Scientific name: Crested Gollum 

Year: around 2017

Rarity (1-10) 10

Crested Gollum is extremely rare,   it appears to have origionated from Moscow Russia around 2018 although not much else Is known at this time

when a plant crests, it has many leaves grow from a node unlike the normal two by two growh pattern on most Crassula cultivars


Horn Tree

Plant Scientific name: Horn tree

Rarity (1-10) 4

Horn tree is a green cultivar with leaves reaching up to 3 inches (7.62 cm).

It is a steady grower that needs to be pruned often to keep a manageable shape. 



Plant Scientific name: Legolas 

Year: Unkown

Rarity (1-10) 10

Legolas is the variegated form of 'Skinny fingers' 

Its variegation has the tendency to turn completely albino eventually causing the plant to fail.  It is widely considered the most challenging of all Jade pants to grow.   It  is also among the most rare and expensive cultivars.  


Benjamin Schulz

Ogre's ears

Plant Scientific name: Ogre's ears

Year: Unknown

Rarity (1-10) 6

Ogre's ears  is sometimes called Shrek ears  by certain growers,   A typical specimen will have fairly uniform leaves that are cupped and somewhat tilted on the top, the cupped part of the leaf will be smooth as compared to Gollum 

which should look sort of like chewed bubble gum.

This type wont blush but may develop a red rim and can be  bleached by intense lighting 


Red Horn Tree

Plant Scientific name: Red Horn Tree

Year: Unknown

Rarity (1-10) 6

'Red horn tree'  gets its name form the stunning red,orange and yellow tips  that appear in cool growing conditions. much like 'Hummels sunset'


Skinny finger/Coral Jade/Fine finger

Plant Scientific name:Skinny fingers

Rarity (1-10) 3

There are three distinctive types of Skinny fingers.

1: Coral will turn bright red with a little yellow and lighter green with a slightly open top.

2: Skinny fingers with closed pointed top is typically a mutation from 'ogers ears' where the "leaves" are long and skinny, this type wont blush and almost never have open leaves.

3: Skinny fingers from 'Gollum' will be  slightly thicker with somewhat open leaf ends it will blush somewhat under intense lighting and but not to the extent of 'Coral"


Edge Variegated Gollum

Plant Scientific name: Reverse Variegated Gollum

Place of Origin: Indonesia 

Year: 2018 /2019

Rarity (1-10) 8

This newer type of Variegated Gollum has thin silver looking stripes that are primarily on the surface of the leaf,  they  have much less white area than the other Variegated Gollum forms and therefore grow much faster they also appear to be more stable.


Variegated Gollum

Plant Scientific name: Variegated gollum

Rarity (1-10)  10

Variegated Gollum is one of the most stunning, expensive and sought-after cultivars in the Jade plant world.  It is known to have at least three and (possibly more) different clones,   Two originating from the Mitsuhashi collection in Japan. one is extra white and the other is more balanced with Green,  A third type  originated in Italy and is more yellow .  

These can and hard to grow especially when young. obtaining a good balance of green and white is quite tricky.


Variegated Ogre's ears

Plant Scientific name: VariegatedOgre's ears 

Year: around 2018

Rarity (1-10) 10+

This Stunning variegated version of Ogre's ears  appears to have originated in New York,  One other Specimen that appears to be a natural mutation was found in a Maine big box store . The variegation appears to be similar to Solana and seems to be a quick grower 

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